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Associated Flooring Products

Associated FlooringPLASTIC VOID VENTS
Designed for ventilating the void below suspended ground floors. Manufactured from high density polypropylene, the unit is non-corrosive and telescopic. Vertical and horizontal extension sleeves are available, please call for details.

Designed to meet requirements of the NHBC, Local Authorities and Gas Company regulations, and being a sealed unit there is no danger of the ventilator becoming blocked when cavity wall insulation is carried out.

Associated FlooringAIR BRICKS

Air bricks to be used in conjunction with the telescopic void vent.
Available in four colours: Terracotta, Buff, Blue-black and Brown.


Airbricks when used with void vent will provide a minimum of 6600mm free air flow.

Associated Flooring

Associated Flooring



Concrete slips 390mm long x 100mm wide x 40mm thick. These slips save a split brick
course at side bearing or between end bearing.





Associated Flooring

Associated Flooring


Designed and manufactured in two sizes to fit between the beams on the bearing ends. This saves cutting bricks or blocks when building the wall through the ends of the beams using standard centres.


Associated Flooring

Associated Flooring


Used with battens to facilitate fixing of ceiling, clips can be fixed after the flooring blocks have been laid but prior to grouting. The loops are then bent under the batten and nailed upwards against solid support of T-Beam.

Safe working load for securely fixed clips = 22Kg per clip.
Patent No. 205 1941.

Associated Flooring


172mm x 90mm x 40mm slips for finishing the floor onto load-bearing walls, parallel edges and between the end of beams. In all cases floor blocks of suitable strength should be bedded on top.





Designed to increase bearing locally where beams clash on 100mm or 150mm thick supporting walls at upper floor levels. Available for standard 120mm wide beams to suit both 100mm and 150mm wide walls.

Associated Flooring


Bespoke wall plates to give bearing for more than one beam up to the full length of the bearing wall.

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