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Whoever the client, it is the installer's favourite, as well as being the practical and economic solution when replacing Gabion, Crib and Cast in situ walls.

It is a system of modular, retaining wall units that are manufactured from high strength, durable concrete which are laid dry and can be used in conjunction with a geogrid to provide tall walls or to accommodate high surcharges.

Alternatively, Keystone can be used with or without a concrete backing to create a gravity wall.

Keystone uses a unique high strength fixing system which securely locks the component parts in place. At the centre of the system are pultruded G.R.P. pins which offer a high shear strength that will last the lifetime of the wall.

A combination of Keystone modular units, positive pin connections and soil reinforcing geogrids delivers 'rock solid' stability and performance – its enhanced connection between grid and block is critical to ensure economic designs.

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