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Tim Wright, Sales Director at Supreme Concrete, welcomes housebuilding on underused and brownfield sites as use on concrete products will be boosted

“Whilst there have been improvements in the number of houses being built for the UK’s growing population, by the Government’s own admission, there has still been a significant shortfall. Today’s budget sought to address this with a number of initiatives which the Chancellor hopes will ensure housebuilder meet the targets they have set out.
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Health and safety remains key for Supreme during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work

To mark the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, Supreme has launched a new video to remind its employees about the importance of safety in the work place.
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Timber price increase favours concrete fencing

Ongoing increases in the cost of imported timber are further reducing the price differential between concrete and timber fence posts, making concrete a far more attractive option for homeowners and businesses looking for security and long fence life. Although concrete posts have always provided the most economic long term solution, lasting typically four times longer than equivalent timber posts, timber has been seen, in the past, as the cheaper option due to its lower initial cost. However, ongoing price rises have pushed up the cost of timber posts, reducing the initial price differential to as little as 10%.
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Booming repair spur sales mark decline in timber fence life

Recent growth in sales of concrete repair spurs is a clear indication that changes in timber preservation products are limiting the life of timber fence posts, according to concrete products manufacturer, Supreme Concrete.
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Concrete Fencing Stands The Test Of Time

Whilst modern timber fencing panels should be more than capable of withstanding all but the highest winds, their performance is dependent on the quality of construction and the type of supporting posts used.
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Beam Promise

At Supreme, we believe the closer we work together, the better we both become. Because of this we have been listening more intently to your needs.
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Scorpion Clip

Precast concrete specialist, Supreme Concrete, has introduced a clever, simple-to-fit clip that prevents timber fence panels from rattling and lifting when the winter winds blow. Designed for use with the company’s market leading Strongcast® Original slotted concrete fence posts, the new SCORPION Fence Panel Security Clip is robustly engineered from durable spring steel plate and is simply hammered into the edge of the timber fence panel prior to location in the slotted post.
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Supreme Backs Stockists with Floor Beam POS

Following news that cast concrete specialist, Supreme Concrete, has introduced its first ever national stock range of concrete floor beams, the company has produced a package of highly visible marketing support materials designed to highlight the benefits and promote availability of the range at stockist branch level.
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Supreme puts its weight behind BIM

Supreme Concrete is putting its weight behind the UK Government Construction Strategy with the launch of a new range of Level 2 BIM profiles for its concrete structural components. The widest range of BIM profiles to be made available for structural concrete products, the new profiles will include Supreme’s full range of high performance cast concrete lintels, padstones and floor beams.
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Supreme ‘Premium’ lintels awarded Kitemark

Supreme ‘Premium’ lintels have become the first range of concrete lintels to be awarded the prestigious British Standards Kitemark – one of the world’s most recognised symbols of quality and safety.
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Supreme take fencing to a new height

Cast concrete specialist, Supreme, has introduced a new, extended height, slotted concrete fence post for residential applications where a greater degree of privacy is required, or where ground is sloping and uneven. Manufactured using the company’s innovative ‘Strongcast® pre-casting technology, the new 3048mm (10 foot) posts are designed to accommodate a trellis panel above a standard fence panel and gravel board, to provide a total fence height of 2135mm (7 foot).
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Supreme publishes first dedicated fencing guide

Supreme Concrete has made sourcing and specifying sustainable concrete-based fencing systems simpler and quicker, with a new Fencing Guide that brings all of its market-leading fencing posts, panels and associated components together in a single dedicated publication.
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Updated Range Guide for Supreme

Supreme Concrete has published an updated edition of its popular 78-page range guide following rationalisation of its pre-cast concrete products range at the end of last year.
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New Sales Director For Supreme Concrete

Supreme Concrete has appointed ex-FMCG sales specialist Tim Wright to the position of Sales Director.
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Supreme Flooring system saves time and cost on site

Supreme’s high performance Beam & Block Flooring system reduces preparation and installation time on site, helping to cut costs and speed up the build process for new houses, flats and offices.
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Bollards for every application

Whether it’s smooth and elegant bollards to demarcate and enhance your street design or rugged heavyweights specially designed to prevent vandalism and vehicle attack, you’ll find everything you need in Supreme’s concrete range.
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Enjoy Outdoor Living with DekBlock

Decks have become a must-have in the modern home, but they are by no means a new invention. Decks have been around for well over 50 years providing solid outdoor space for people to enjoy a wide range of activities, and allowing proud owners to boast a neat and sturdy structure that mirrors interior conveniences (like an even floor) while set in the ultimate open concept venue: the great outdoors. Deck building has never been easier or quicker than when you use Supreme Concrete’s DekBlok system. Accurate setting out is simplified as there is no requirement for wet concrete or digging post holes. All timber is protected from direct contact with the ground, thus minimising the risk of rot or vermin damage.
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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours – Good Fence Posts Make Good Fences

Strongcast is a fence post manufacturing process perfected by Supreme Concrete over 40 years ago. It uses a special semi-dry concrete mix instead of a wet mix. The Strongcast process is used by Supreme for nearly all of its fence posts and gravel boards. Strongcast is manufactured on modern machinery where the semi-dry mix is compacted by vibration to provide an exceptionally strong and durable product.
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Concrete wins every way

Garden fencing has taken a hammering recently with the bad weather and high winds – apparently an ongoing feature of our British weather. Properly constructed and maintained, however, today’s timber fence panels should be more than capable of withstanding the high winds and providing both privacy and security for many years to come. It is all down to the way the fence is constructed, according to Supreme Concrete, the UK’s largest manufacturer of concrete fencing products.
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An Alternative Front Garden

Over the past 10 years the number of households with two, three or four cars increased, whilst the number with one decreased in all areas of the country, except the East of England. Front gardens turn our towns and cities into green and pleasant places to be, yet many are being paved over to provide parking. RHS research found that almost a quarter of the front gardens in north-east England are completely paved, and nearly 50% more than three quarters paved. According to the London Assembly, it is estimated that the capital’s losses are equal to the area covered by 5,200 football pitches.
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