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Repair Spurs

Where wooden posts have been used, they will be subject to rotting at ground level and will require replacement at some point. A repair spur is an alternative to complete replacement and can even be used on new fences if using wooden posts. Repair Spurs are available in a choice of sizes and are easy to install.

repair spurs  




Post Length
Post Length
Post Size
Description CODE Wish List
10003'3"75 x 75Repair SpurSPR 100
10503'6"100 x 100Repair SpurSPR 105
12004'100 x 100Repair SpurSPR 120
13504'6"100 x 100Repair SpurSPR 135
12004'100 x 75Repair SpurSPR 1203
In exposed windy situations or for high fences 100 x 100mm Spur posts should be used


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