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Strongcast Ultra (Formerly Supremelite)

a lightweight slotted post

With significant weight savings (up to 45%) the product still offers a durable post with high wind resistance.
  • Up to 45% lighter than existing products for equivalent use
  • Easy to handle
  • Faster installation
  • A range of new style gravel boards are available
  • Strongcast Ultra slotted posts are available in five different lengths
  • Posts can be used either way up, i.e. 4-way weathered "pyramid" design to match existing Supreme style, or 2-way weathered
  • Strongcast Ultra Gravel Boards are available in two attractive designs
  • Strongcast Ultra Gravel Boards are suitable for 1830mm (6') panels or metric 1800mm (5'11") by removal of the "nibs"*
  • Strongcast Ultra has a lighter coloured surface finish due to the specialist materials used in manufacture
  • A range of surface treatments may be used to colour and co-ordinate with modern garden colour schemes
* Supreme Concrete recommends the use of a recognised mechanical cutting tool if removing "nibs".


STRONGCAST ULTRA SLOTTED POSTS Intermediates and Ends 84mm x 106mm Corners 125mm x 125mm
Metric (mm) Imperial Description CODE Wish List
13704'6"IntermediateSLT 137 IL
13704'6"End SLT 137 EL
13704'6"CornerSLT 137 CL
17505'9"IntermediateSLT 175 IL
17505'9"EndSLT 175 EL
17505'9"CornerSLT 175 CL
20506'9"IntermediateSLT 205 IL
20506'9"EndSLT 205 EL
20506'9"CornerSLT 205 CL
23607'9"IntermediateSLT 236 IL
23607'9"EndSLT 236 EL
23607'9"CornerSLT 236 CL
26608'9"IntermediateSLT 266 IL
26608'9"EndSLT 266 EL
26608'9"CornerSLT 266 CL


New Style Original Style
supremelite supremelite

Suitable for
1800mm (5'11") with nibs removed
and 1830mm (6') wide panels

Metric (mm) Imperial Description CODE Wish List
1830 / 1800 x 150 x 505'11" x 6" x 2"Recessed new styleGBR 145 L
1830 x 150 x 506' x 6" x 2"Recessed original styleGBR 150 L
1830 / 1800 x 305 x 505'11" 12" x 2"Recessed new styleGBR 295 L
1830 x 305 x 506' x 12" x 2"Recessed original styleGBR 305 L


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