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tz morticed

TZ MORTICED POSTS 4 gravel board cleat holes means that by fixing gravel board to upper holes the post butt is lengthened, fence height reduced. 1830mm (6') to 2745mm (9') posts only.
Fence Height (m)  Rails  Metric (mm)  Imperial  Description  CODE  Wish List
No Gravel Board Gravel Board 150mm high
100mm x 100mm intermediates & corners
1.65 or 1.81.65 or 1.8324408'IntermediateMTZ 244 I
1.65 or 1.81.65 or 1.8324408'CornerMTZ 244 C
1.65 or 1.81.65 or 1.8327459'Intermediate long buttMTZ274 I
1.65 or 1.81.65 or 1.8327459'Corner long buttMTZ274 C
130mm x 105mm intermediates & 130mm x 130mm corners
1.95 or 2.01.95 or 2.0**328509'4"IntermediateMTZ 285 I
1.95 or 2.01.95 or 2.0**328509'4"CornerMTZ 285 C
2.12.1329509'8"IntermediateMTZ 295 I
2.12.1329509'8"CornerMTZ 295 C
150mm x 105mm intermediates & 150mm x 150mm corners
2.42.44340011'IntermediateMTZ 340 I
2.42.44340011'CornerMTZ 340 C

** With 200mm (8") high gravel board.
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