Our Commitment to Quality

We manufacture our products under a quality management system certified by the BSI, and have done so for the past 20 years. The first registration was achieved in May 1991 when the standard was known as BS 5750.

We use modern, automated machinery, which ensures consistent quality and provides a good Health and Safety environment for our employees.

Quality Management Policy

The Board of Supreme Concrete is committed to the manufacture of high quality products that consistently provide customer satisfaction with regards to delivery performance and product specifications in terms of quality and reliability , and their specified performance in use.

We have documented, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System (QMS) which is certified by BSI as being compliant with the requirements of the international QMS standard BS EN ISO 9001. Our QMS and related documented information provide a framework for measuring and improving our overall business performance, supporting our company strategy and business plan, and facilitating continual improvement.

We will:

  • Work closely with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure their requirements and expectations are fully understood, and to establish the appropriate quality standards.
  • Comply with current and applicable statutory laws and regulations.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of this QMS and make best use of our management resources in all quality matters.
  • Establish, review and communicate our quality objectives and our performance against these objectives throughout the company and to other stakeholders.
  • Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality Management and ensure that the importance of creating customer satisfaction is communicated and understood throughout our organisation.
  • Take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, subcontractors and others at all our business locations.
  • Conduct all work to an appropriate standard with technical and commercial integrity.

This policy will be reviewed at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

The Directors trust that all employees of whatever status shall contribute to the continual development, improvement and implementation of our management systems, products and services, and this policy.

Download a copy of our Quality Management Policy here.

Access our BSI certificate for ISO 9001.