Lisa Law

Sales Office Manager

Lisa Law - Supreme Concrete Sales Office Manager

Lisa is the Sales Office Manager at our Head Office in Coppingford. She is responsible for a team of Sales Administrators who deal with many customers on a daily basis and is passionate about first class customer service. 

One thing Lisa enjoys about her role is the diversity that her job entails. Not only does she focus on maintaining good Customer Service but also finding ways for constant improvement, whether that means introducing new initiatives or tweaking existing procedures.

If Lisa could steal someone's job for a day, it would have to be a Marine Biologist! She loves the idea of studying sea creatures. 

Outside of work Lisa has many interests, including steam engines and railways, watching Top Fuel Drag Racing at Santapod, attending air shows and cooking! 

Lisa's Dad gave her a piece of advice once that has stuck with her ever since 'It's easier staying out of trouble than getting out of trouble!'.