5 minutes with... Production Director, Mark Yates

Mark Yates, Supreme Concrete Product Director

Mark Yates joined the business earlier in 2018 as the new Production Director to deliver positive organisational change through focusing on team development (read Mark's announcement here). We had a chance to catch up with Mark and find out how he is settling into his role. 

You’ve been here a few months now, what are your main observations?

We have great people with lots of experience and passion. Our products are class leading and our management team is never satisfied with resting on our laurels.

There are lots of opportunities for us to develop, including the opportunity to improve our service levels via the implementation of a newly developed maintenance strategy, and recruitment of a new Group Maintenance Manager to help standardise our processes.

What are your aims for Supreme Concrete?

I have a very clear vision on where I want our production facilities to be in the next 2-3 years. I want facilities that reflect the value we place on our employees, I want to be the benchmark for good practice in our industry; a point of reference. I aim to refurbish and replace a number of our assets to improve safety, quality and service levels. At the same time, developing people so that we can maintain our assets more effectively and are geared up for the continuing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

What are you working on now?

I have personally visited all of our sites to talk to and listen to our people and to share a very personal safety incident I was involved in that had far-reaching consequences. We have good safety standards but I aim to set the standard even higher and ensure people are supported but also challenged on improving safety, as that is a key priority for me.

What will be your focus for the next 12-18 months?

People and safety for sure. I fundamentally believe that if we have an organised and safe workplace we will deliver on productivity, and good cost management will come with that. Without people we have no business, so I aim to get to our sites as regularly as the job allows and meet and talk with people, keep them informed and listen to their concerns and challenges.

Thanks very much Mark. If you have any questions, please contact us