Out and about with... the team at Sittingbourne

The Sittingbourne Supreme Concrete Team

The past 12 months have seen great improvement at our Sittingbourne factory in Kent, thanks to the team’s focus on staff training and development and customer delivery improvements.

The quote turnaround time has significantly improved to 24 hours, key customers now have direct contacts they can call and complaints are being logged to ensure they can be monitored and tracked.

The knowledge of the team has significantly increased with enhanced product training, resulting in a wide breadth of technical know-how on the product range.

More recently the engineering team has doubled in size and focus is being spent on moving from a reactive to a more proactive maintenance culture.

Matt Sayle, Factory Manager since February, explains, “It’s really important that we become more proactive in the way we do things and with our new Engineering Manager, Jordan Hannah, on board, we’re now working on implementing a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) system that allows us to get on the front foot instead of reacting when breakdowns occur.”

The team has been building and strengthening relationships with the machine manufacturers, bringing the machines back to a factory standard setting, doing periodic checks and making sure the raw materials are consistent. All these things are making a huge difference in enabling a more proactive maintenance culture, allowing the team to stay productive.

And that’s not all. The team has also been hard at work replacing the lighting for the Operators and together with their work on whitewashing the walls, this has made a big difference to the factory environment both aesthetically and in terms of safety. The installation of LED lighting means energy is being saved which is much more cost effective too. The canteen environment and factory facilities have also been improved. Moving to a zero harm health and safety culture is massively important to the team. “Lisa Cartwright is now our site safety champion for all three factories, and is responsible for ensuring that best practice is introduced and is being adhered to at all times and that all noticeboards are replaced with up-to-date information,” said Matt.

And it doesn’t stop there. The team has implemented a Tier 1 and 2 meeting structure to ensure all production Operatives are engaged in the efficient running of the factory environment and that their views, concerns and ideas for improvements to health and safety, quality and maintenance are being listened to and, where appropriate, acted on.

The team will be looking to upgrade machinery going forward to ensure productivity remains high and TV screens will be coming in the next few weeks to enable monthly team briefing sessions in the canteen. 

Well done, and keep up the good work!