Supreme Concrete attains high scores at the final BSI assessment

Nick Baverstock Supreme Concrete Quality, Environmental & Energy Manager

Earlier in June, following a period of intense focus, the final BSI assessment to the updated standards for ISO9001 and ISO14001 took place.

It’s with a big smile, and a sigh of relief, that we have attained a high score for both, which means we will be recommended for the management systems’ certifications,” said Quality, Environmental & Energy Manager, Nick Baverstock (pictured).

There were only three minor nonconformities that needed to be addressed which related to:

1. establishing/setting corporate QMS & EMS objectives;
2. a minor issue raised at Sittingbourne related to waste management operational control
3. the incorrect use of BSI logos and certificate references, and the BSI Kitemark™ logo in the Catalogue

There was a great deal of work to review during the assessment, which covered the transition progress across all sites since the start of the year, and a review of the suitability and effectiveness of the management systems throughout the 3-year certification period.

As we continue to manufacture our Supreme quality products, and sustain ur controls to prevent pollution and harm to the environment, not forgetting our Health & Safety management controls, there are always opportunities for improvement in our systems and processes, and in satisfying our customers and other interested parties.” said Nick.

Massive thanks to everyone for their support, input and improvements that ensure we have good quality and environmental management systems in place, as well as excellent management of our processes and operational controls.