Why you should cut a hole in your garden fence

That’s right, we think you should cut a hole in your garden fence. Not a big one, but something small. Hedgehog-sized in fact.

Because our hedgehogs need the holes. Really need them. It’s a matter of life or death.

Don’t want to cut a hole in your garden fence? OK, that’s fair enough. How about digging a channel under your fence or putting in a gravel board with a pre-cut hole instead?

Like we said, our hedgehogs really need them. They’ll struggle to survive without them.

Cutting holes in fences and saving our hedgehogs

Why are we going on about hedgehogs and putting holes in your fence? Here’s why.

Hedgehogs are now an endangered species. Really. We found it a little hard to believe, too. But it’s true. Since the summer, hedgehogs have officially been listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Clearly, it’s serious. So, we have to look out for our prickly pals. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Why hedgehogs need holes in our garden fences

Hedgehogs need to be able to roam far and wide in search of food, mates and nesting sites. This is where the holes in fences come in. The Wildlife Trusts has this easy-to-follow guide to what we can do to help them out.

So, please consider cutting a hole in your fence, digging a channel underneath it or putting in a gravel board with a pre-cut hedgehog hole.

If you want a gravel board with a pre-cut hole, contact your local stockist of Supreme Concrete products.

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