Are Concrete Fence Posts Superior to Wooden Fence Posts?

Wooden fence with concrete posts

When we think of fencing, traditional wooden fencing is usually what comes to mind. Though concrete fence posts aren’t generally a first consideration, concrete posts boast a range of benefits over their wooden counterparts, which we believe makes them a fantastic candidate for domestic fencing solutions.


Concrete fence posts are proven to be more durable than their wooden counterparts. Unlike wooden fencing, concrete fence posts will not rot, and the condition deteriorates at a far slower rate than wooden fencing when under environmental stress.

If you opt for concrete fence posts, combined with wooden fence panels, replacing rotten or decayed wooden panels is simple and straightforward. With less fittings needed to secure panels in place, they can simply be removed and new ones slotted into place.


Even wooden fencing that isn’t exposed to the elements requires occasional treatment and maintenance. Combine this with rotting posts and it can become costly. However, concrete posts do not require ongoing treatment - concrete fence post maintenance is as low effort as simply ensuring they remain firmly rooted in the ground.

Opting for concrete fence posts is an initial investment that saves both money and time when it comes to long term maintenance.


Concrete fence posts are a versatile fencing solution, that accommodates a range of materials for fence panels. In addition to concrete fence panelling, wooden fence panels and chain-link fencing can be installed with ease, meaning you can still have the appearance of wooden fencing with the durability of concrete fence posts. 

As mentioned, with fence panels able to be swapped out with ease, changing the appearance of your fencing is a low effort task that can be completed quickly and easily. Opting for a different appearance is as quick and simple as deciding what to switch to!

Though you may feel the aesthetic appeal of a wooden fence is hard to beat, concrete fence posts are a durable and easier to maintain alternative to wooden fencing. With wooden fence panels available, there’s no need to compromise on aesthetic appeal, while ensuring your fencing remains sturdy and secure.

To find a concrete fence post that fits your fencing ideas, check out Supreme Concrete’s range of fencing products, or get in touch with us for expert information.