Concrete fence posts: the uses & benefits

From slotted concrete to morticed and recessed posts, Supreme have a comprehensive range of concrete fence posts. These may be ideal for either wooden panel or closeboard fencing, but what are their other benefits? Moreover, how exactly do these fence posts work in relation to both panels and gravel boards? We’ll be attempting to answer both of these questions here, whilst also providing more information on the UK’s most popular range of concrete fencing products! 

Easy to install

Concrete posts simply need to be fitted into the ground, and then you can build your garden fence however you like. It also means that when it comes to installing the fence panel, there’s no need for nails, brackets, or other fixings. This is because it just slots in between the beams, making setting up your new fence quick and painless. Adding extras such as Smoothcast Gravel Boards is equally as easy when installing concrete fence posts.

Effortless to maintain

Once they’re set up, fencing posts made from concrete need very little in the way of upkeep. This means that, unlike wood, they do not need to treated regularly for issues concerning moisture or rot and can last you decades! One of the best parts about this is that products like our Original Slotted Posts can become the long-term backbone of your garden fence. Whilst the panels may need repairing or replacing after a while, the concrete posts will remain intact. 

Great value for money

Given how affordable concrete itself is as a building material, it’s no surprise that concrete fence posts are some of our most cost-effective items! As we’ve hinted at above, the installation process is equally inexpensive, and very little money has to go into the minimal upkeep these posts require. As a result, our concrete products are not only affordable in the short-term, but they represent excellent value for money the longer you have them in your garden or around your property.

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