Concrete Fencing stands the test of time

Wooden fence with concrete posts

Seven out of ten homeowners still prefer to use timber fence posts because they appear cheaper and easier to handle than concrete, but choosing timber over concrete is false economy as these posts can rot in the ground, causing the fence to collapse - sometimes in as little as 5 years.

Supreme Concrete’s Strongcast slotted concrete fence posts, on the other hand, have a typical life expectancy of twenty-five years or more, and will continue to provide support for expensive fence panels whatever the weather. Couple these with attractive concrete gravel boards that keep the timber panels out of contact with the wet ground and the fence will provide many years of additional service from the original investment.

Whilst timber may, initially, appear to be a greener choice – that is not the case once the fence starts to rot. Rotting wood gives off methane gas, which is over 20 times more damaging for the atmosphere than normal CO . Supreme concrete posts, on the other hand, will not rot and are made using the latest environmentally friendly raw materials and processes, so offer a lasting ‘green’ alternative.

If weight is an issue, Supreme’s Ultra slotted posts and gravel boards have been developed to provide similar strength to traditional cast concrete, but at almost half the weight, so are easier to handle and quicker to install, making them ideal for a single man lift or DIY application.

For a secure and reliable boundary that will stand the test of time check out Supreme’s website or contact one of Supreme’s 2500-plus UK stocking outlets.