Take a proactive approach to maintaining your fence this winter

As the temperature drops and the days get darker for longer, avid gardeners across the UK will be busy preparing their garden for the winter months. However, when preparing your garden for the harsher weather, it is important to also maintain the structural elements of your garden, such as fencing.

Prolonged exposure to rain, wind and even snow can adversely affect the structural integrity of improperly prepared and maintained fencing, leading to rot and the potential for complete failure of the entire structure, which can lead to costly replacements.

At Supreme Concrete, we are a supplier of the country’s most popular range of concrete fencing products. As part of this, we supply two helpful solutions to help you prepare your wooden fencing for the adverse winter weather. Our Scorpion Clips and Repair Spurs are just some of our high-performance fencing solutions that are chosen by homeowners across the nation for their quality, durability and reliability. 

Supreme Scorpion Clips are designed to securely fasten wooden fence posts, helping to prevent movement and rattling of the panels, especially in harsh winds. The clip also ensures panels cannot be lifted by strong gusts of wind easily, preventing potentially significant damage to the fence and the surrounding garden. Acting as a wooden fence security seal, the Scorpion Clip is compatible with our Strongcast Original and Ultra Slotted concrete fence posts. 

Meanwhile, our Repair Spurs are ideal to fortify existing wooden fencing that requires further fastening at ground level. In fact, since the introduction of new legislation on timber preservatives, we have seen an almost 400% increase in the popularity of our Repair Spurs. 

As today’s timber posts can be subject to rot, especially at ground level due to prolonged exposure to moisture in the soil and on the ground, resulting in the structural integrity of the panel being weakened, and causing it to be susceptible to winter weather. That is why in just half a dozen easy DIY steps, homeowners and gardeners can easily and quickly fortify the wooden panel with a concrete repair spur.

To find out more about how you can combat the extreme weather conditions and protect your garden fencing, visit our fencing page here.