Timber price increase favours concrete fencing

Our range of Concrete posts are CE marked and therefore offer the reassurance of a harmonised European Standard

Stacks of concrete posts in yard

“Concrete is now the most attractive option all round”, says Tim Wright, Sales Director for Supreme Concrete, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high performance concrete fencing and building systems, “our Strongcast posts are totally rot proof and are steel reinforced for extra strength and robustness – they’ll typically last around 25 years, even in the UK’s changing weather conditions. With the latest changes in price and lifetime performance of timber, concrete now offers the most economical solution for all fencing applications.”

Our range of Concrete posts, including the latest Strongcast ULTRA lightweight posts which have been designed for easier one-man lift and simple installation, are CE marked and therefore offer the reassurance of a harmonised European Standard, as well as other major company quality benefits such as modern, efficient manufacturing techniques and ISO 14001 quality management. This is not the case with timber alternatives, which are often sourced at lowest cost from small local manufacturing operations.

“In this time of heightened environmental concern, concrete also offers the most sustainable long term solution.” says Wright, “as timber fence posts rot they give off methane, an atmospherically damaging gas that is over 20 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Supreme concrete posts, on the other hand, are completely inert, and do not produce any gases or other emissions to damage the world we live in.”

Supreme concrete posts come with matching gravel boards and anti-drum Scorpion Clips for maximum fence life and a professional finish. 

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