The Benefits of Using Concrete Floor Beams within Homes

70% of new build ground floors are created using a concrete beam and block system, but why is this system so popular?

Beam and block concrete flooring system

There are various solutions for creating solid floors within new housing from concrete slabs to timber, but with the majority of all new build ground floors being constructed using a pre-stressed concrete beam and block flooring system, it is very easy to go with the popular choice without fully appreciating the benefits of doing so. Here are 5 benefits of using concrete floor beams within a house build.

A versatile solution for ground and upper floors

Standard floor beams are primary used for housing and residential construction, whereas wide floor beams, which are also available, are more suitable for commercial projects such as shops and offices. This is due to the fact that they can span longer distances and support greater imposed loads. However, both a standard or wide beam solution are well suited to open plan designs where a large span is required.

Standard floor beams are also suitable for both ground and upper floors in domestic dwellings; especially when the first floor partitions are going to be blockwork and must be supported by the floor. As well as for flooring within the main building, concrete floor beams also provide a quick-to-construct flooring solution for extensions and garages.

Thermal insulation and fire resistance

Concrete floor beams, when used with a suitable thermal panel, provide a high level of thermal insulation and fire resistance.  This is because concrete is a non-combustible material (i.e. it does not burn) and it has the highest fire resistance classification under EN 13501-1:2007- A1:2009. These properties make concrete a relatively low cost solution for flooring which will allow structural integrity to remain in a fire and will also require very little ongoing maintenance.

Quick and easy to install

Supreme floor beam systems have been specifically designed to increase efficiency within the build process. They provide the ability to create safe working floors quickly and easily, in all weather conditions, whilst also reducing the need for extensive ground works. As the system doesn’t require any specialist skills to install, this saves both time and cost during building. Site preparation is also reduced and no hardcore or oversite concreting is required, therefore, internal foundations can also be reduced.

Reduction of noise transmission

For the homeowner, a Beam and Block floor system can help to reduce noise transmittance through the upper floors to the rooms below due to the density of the concrete. This will help create a ‘quiet home’ by stopping impact noises such as footfall and scraping furniture transmitting, especially in rooms with lots of activity such a play-rooms and gyms. 

A wide range of floor beams accessories

As well as the beneficial properties of concrete beam flooring, there is also a whole range of accessories available. They include brick slips for finishing the floor onto load-bearing walls, parallel edges and between the ends of the beams to butt plates which are made bespoke to give bearing for more than one beam, up to the full length of the bearing wall. A full list of Supreme floor beam accessories can be found here.

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