Structural Products

Pre stressed & Pre cast Floor Beams, Lintels and Padstones

PreStressed & PreCast Floor Beams, Lintels, and Padstones

Supreme’s range of precision made concrete structural products has been specially developed to meet the needs of the building and construction sites of today. They offer great value and high performance combined with unmatched technical support and delivery. So, from floor beams to lintels and padstones, we are relied on across the country by tradesman for our high-quality products and their ease of use.

Supreme’s Floor Beams

pioneering concrete floor beamsThe pioneering Supreme Floor Beam system has been developed to accelerate the build process through the quick and easy creation of safe working floors, whilst reducing the need for extensive ground works.

The Supreme Beam and Block Flooring System saves time and cost on-site as the floor is quick to install without the need for specialist skills. Site preparation is reduced and no hardcore or oversite concreting is required, internal foundations can also be reduced.

Our floor beam range consists of:

  • Standard: Quick and easy to install in all weather conditions.
  • Wide: Spans longer distances and supports greater loads.
  • Accessories: Includes coursing, slips, closure blocks, ceiling clips and butt plates among various other products.
  • Beam Packs: Ordered through merchants for projects that require greater technical specifications.

Our Lintels

structural concrete lintelsSupreme has a long history making structural concrete products. These include an extensive range of modern and traditional lintels. Our concrete lintels, which are set on top of openings such as doors and windows to support the weight above, are a far simpler construction choice than old-fashioned arches.

At Supreme we categorise them as the following types:

  • Prestressed: They feature our superior concrete technology to match any frame necessary.
  • Hi-Strength: Whilst these cannot be used universally, the added support they provide is second to none.
  • Precast: Our premium precast lintel beam range is manufactured with a textured finish and has been designed with strength and value in mind.
  • Fire Rated: Our new, highly comprehensive and full range of high-quality, fire-rated lintels, all of which have been tested in compliance with industry specifications.

Moreover, the benefits of concrete lintels are numerous. The material we use has exceptional strength, durability, and fire resistance. In addition, installing concrete lintels during construction is easy and highly affordable. This means that you’re guaranteed a long-lasting product that’s great value for money.

Supreme Concrete are partners with NBS, a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products. Find our Concrete Lintels on NBS Source

Putting the ‘Pad’ in Padstones

The complementary range of ‘Pad’ branded Padstones optimise the performance of Supreme’s lintel beam range. These are made from high strength concrete and provide increased margin opportunities and safety. Supreme Padstones can also be used in any orientation. In addition, they’ve been designed to complement our lintel beam range stylistically, in order to ensure your project looks sleek and professional.

If you need any advice or help, please feel free to contact us here.

Floor Beams

Prestressed beam and block flooring is a popular flooring solution, which is in significant growth. Both beams below are the same height and can be used together ensuring the most economical construction options.


  • Beam and Block flooring is a highly practical solution for ground and upper floors, quick and easy to install in all weather conditions without the need for special skills
  • Immediately creates a safe, level working platform
  • 70% of all new build ground floors are constructed using a Beam and Block system
  • For the homeowner, a Beam and Block floor helps to reduce noise transmittance through floors
  • Concrete floor beams provide a high level of thermal insulation and fire resistance
  • A standard or wide beam solution is well suited to open plan designs with large span requirements – An excellent alternative to concrete slab and timber floors
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy to handle.


  • UK's largest prestressed concrete manufacturing national supplier facility
  • Ensured continuity of supply with no impact on lead time.
  • Standard floor beams held in stock, readily available for delivery on time, in full, within 3-5 working days
  • Backed by Supreme Customer Service Promise
  • Full suite of transport solutions
  • In-house Technical support and design service
  • Manufactured in 50mm increments, reducing the need for cutting on-site
  • BIM enabled to Level 2 to comply with specifier's requirements
  • Point of Sale available on request.


Beams are ordered through merchants for large-scale projects with greater technical requirements. We offer design and quotation service, available to assist with technical specifications within 24h of receipt of enquiry.

Full quotations are also available which can include detailed layout drawings. Full structural quotations can be supplied following approval of the drawings for building control.

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 0333 999 2220.

concrete floor beams

For further information on our block & beam flooring, please contact 0333 999 2220 or email [email protected].

Lintels and Padstones

Supreme Concrete are partners with NBS, a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products. Find our Concrete Lintels on NBS Source