Fire Rated Lintels

We are pleased to introduce our new, highly comprehensive and full range of high-quality, fire-rated lintels, all of which have been tested in compliance with industry specifications. Our Extreme Fire Rated lintels are part of this range and offer you a choice of fire rated lintels that have been proven by our stringent tests to maintain a 300-minute load bearing capability, when subject to fire conditions.

Life-saving minutes built in

Buildings are designed to withstand actions from numerous anticipated hazards to ensure life and structural safety. Fire represents an extreme hazard that can occur and it is crucial that firefighting and rescue operations have as much time as possible to save lives. Here at Supreme, we are recognised as an experienced and trusted supplier of the essential building components you need, who can be trusted to ensure structural stability during fire exposure and to contain fire spread.

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High Fire Rated Lintels

  • 90 minute and 120 minute protection.
  • Textured finish.
  • First-rate structural loadings.

Extreme Fire Rated Lintels

  • 300 minute protection.
  • Textured finish.
  • Vermiculite fire-resistant coating.
  • Dependable and safe, no dangerous or poisonous omissions.
  • First-rate structural loadings.

Learn more about out High Fire & Extreme Fire Rated lintels by downloading our information guides below:

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