Bringing together industry professionals with the I‑Studio

The brand new I-Studio is open and is ready to inspire the UK building community. Using state of the art technology with unique QR scanners, building professionals can select from a catalogue of products to visualise in real time exactly how their upcoming projects will look. Meet up with our extremely knowledgeable and experienced design team to take project planning to the next level.

Committed to continuous investment to add value at every level

Upcoming projects can be tailored to perfection with The I-Studio. In your very own inspiring space, you can view the comprehensive catalogue, including pre-cast building components, fencing products and lintels from Supreme Concrete. Work closely with our friendly design team and discuss in detail which products fulfil the requirements of your upcoming and future projects.

Passionate about everything we do

At Supreme Concrete, our passion does not stop at concrete products, we’re passionate about everything we do! The I-Studio helps us transfer our passions into your up and coming building projects and with our 40 years of manufacturing experience, we can ensure they are designed to the highest specification.

The I-Studio

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