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As part of our pledge to support you, we are committed to continuous investment in our production capabilities and our ability to add value at every level.

Our reasons for this are simple; the better we support you, the more we will sell more together. Like any premier manufacturer, we have a real passion for everything we do and it is not limited to concrete alone.

At Supreme Concrete it extends throughout our market-leading product range from precast building components and fencing systems to walling, floor beams and lintels. It is a passion that has made us an industry-leading brand name since 1979, recognised as more wide-ranging, increasingly innovative and perpetually precision-manufactured. But our passion does not stop there.

You will see it in our determination to engineer all our products to the highest specification, purposely planned to make every job simpler and quicker.

We examine the entire task and produce all the complementary products necessary to complete the job. This same passion inspires our customer service too.

To deliver whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it. It is a difference only Supreme passion can make.

Best in class, we achieve a quality rating of 99.26%.

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Founded in 1979, Supreme Concrete is a leading manufacturer of pre-cast building components, fencing products and lintels. We are recognised for both our high quality products and our outstanding customer relationships; this means that in an industry notorious for high levels of competition and churn rates we consistently win back and retain customers.

This commitment to delivering quality products, in partnership with customers, is at the heart of the way Supreme Concrete do business; a strong analytical approach to account management means that we can tailor their approach to the unique requirements of every customer, and outstanding stock control and manufacturing flexibility allow us to responsively meet these needs. Here at Supreme Concrete, we are able to operate in this way as a result of our exceptional organisational culture: the leadership team are effective and aligned, and employees feel valued and supported.

This has translated into strong business performance with significant increases in both profits and turnover in the last two years. Supreme Concrete are now ready to build on this success and grow the business even further, evolving the way in which they interact with customers and breaking into new markets.

Concrete Bollards
Continuous Investment

To further automate the production of general cast concrete products, we installed our first new fully automated concrete casting machine to manufacture fence posts, gravel board and rail products in 2017.

This innovation offers improved operational efficiencies over current standard production methods and eliminates the health and safety risks associated with manual handling of product.

We intend to invest in further machines over the coming years.


a supreme concrete employee working on the factory floor
Cranes in the Supreme Concrete Factory
Ibstock Group

Supreme Concrete is part of Ibstock PLC

Supreme Concrete is part of Ibstock PLC, a leading manufacturer of clay bricks and concrete products with operations in the UK and the United States. Founded almost 200 years ago and headquartered in the village of Ibstock in the East Midlands, Ibstock PLC's principal products include building and cladding components essential for new housebuilding, refurbishment and non-housing projects.

In the UK, the group owns a number of market-leading businesses, including the well-regarded brands of Ibstock Brick, Ibstock KevingtonForticrete and Anderton Concrete. Ibstock PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

A customer-centric culture means that the company’s brands enjoy unrivaled contact with leading housebuilders, merchants and distributors as well as architects, contractors and specifiers. This provides a strong platform for organic growth and acquisitions to join the Ibstock family of exceptional brands.

Visit ibstockplc.com to find out more.